Levitra — Magic pill or studied treatment?

Own erectile dysfunction story

Hello there, my fellow comrades. We all gathered here for unfortunately known reason. That problem may reach (or already did) any of you, and many man are feared facing it. It's name is - erectile dysfunction. This thing can not only take our pride, but also shatter the self confidence, which affects both your family and job life. That's why I decided to share my case, and hopefully it will help you avoid, get ready to, or overcome the problem.

I know how it is. At the age of 29, it was the first time I found myself in an "awkward" situation. Probably all remember that very first time. I was with my wife, she calmed me down saying all was due to emotional stress and overworking, just a small accident. Such explanation was acceptable, and next day I was back to the game. Still that's how all began.

Next time it happened (in a year or something like that). I decided to find out all possible info about what is ED. After gathering intel from different articles and forums - I was shocked, like for real.

Are you in danger?

Have you ever heard, that under global statistics, 5% of man 40 y.o are suffering from complete ED? And that by 70 this number grows up to 15%? In other words, every 20th man has a risk becoming impotent, like completely. 5% is not much you will think, but now check this out. For moderate and mild it is 40% already! The freaking tendency shows that your chances grow per decade by 10%. So if you're 30 its 30%, 40 - 40%, and so on. Since I already entered my 30s, chances were not so low already. It was time to react.

By digging in, more details appeared. This disease has two aspects: physical and psychological. So the thing I could do right away was to start treating my emotional and physical stance.

Want to know how much bad habits do for you? Smoking give +5%... alcohol another 5%... So the choice was clear. Quit cigarettes, very limited booze, some exercises and a gluten-free diet. Removes around 15-20% of risk.

This helped me to avoid for 11 years any "accident". But... there is always a "but". On my 42nd birthday, when my wife prepared me a special gift, I couldn't take it. Out for two weeks... Now it was the turn for urologist to appear.

The medical view and solution

Doc explained me the root cause of ED. He told me that the three pillars our sexual function lay in:

First one is completely psychological, and solving it is psychologist job. Third one is physical and normally solved by surgery or medical treatment. Speaking about the second point it can have both roots, and defining which one - is crucial. Since Doc knew my lifestyle, absence of stress at home and work, he told me it was physical. After a test we found out that I have week vessels, and by aging they became more worn off causing mentioned troubles.

I was ready to let my hands down. So much hard work and still faced what I was so afraid of… Doc said to keep the lifestyle, but still it already wasn't enough. He asked me to do an allergy test for a component named vardenafil, and after being sure in safety for me - gave the prescription.

Now let's move on to one of the reasons I am still able to rock for some hours in my 45. It is known as Brand Levitra.

Magic pill or studied treatment?

Just so you know, this is not in terms of advertisement, I won't post any links, or tell you where to buy it, this is just own experience, and shared only because I've been in your shoes.

Now about it. Levitra is the name given to vardenafil pills marketed by three companies, one of which is a well-known German player "Bayer Pharmaceuticals". They announced back in 2001 that their pill is effective against ED on any stage and age. In 2003 it was already approved by the US FDA and allowed as ED treatment.

So how does it work. Generally, it just helps relaxing smooth muscles, allowing the blood flow with more ease, especially in penis vessels. Blood goes right there and you get your erection back. Besides that, due to affecting the nerves, it also helps with prolonging ejaculation. Just like a magic pill. And it can be called so in cases of mild ED or if used for fun. Take 10mg pill 1 hour before having sex, and than enjoy the ride for its full. Isn't it magic?

In my case it was more serious. Since i have been "out of order" for some weeks, Doc prescribed me full treatment, with one 5mg brand Levitra pill per day for four weeks, to check the result and correct the dosing if needed. After we got it established for 3 month and than we swapped for 10mg three times a week for 3 more month. After half a year my activity was there, not as previously but still, I was back from retirement!

It helped me together with my healthy lifestyle. Am honestly thankful to my Doc, Bayer guys, and brand Levitra itself for reviving my man's force.

I tested it on my own skin. So it is great alternative for others similar working, as generic Cialis. Just so you would keep it more clear about brand Levitra, I will make it in pros and cons for you.



Guess you see it now. I know there are more side effects, and I'm lucky to have only one, but for real, others are like flushing, rhinitis, dyspepsia, etc. Totally supportable compared to the result.

There are also some more severe side effects, but that's why you need to consult your attending doctor and decide the correct treatment. At the end of the day, it is prescription only in the US.

Purchase advice

Since not all have limitless budget, and question of price is very actual nowadays, small tip. There are two possible ways to buy Levitra - in your local drugstore or via online pharmacy. If you have never tried one, don't hesitate. Not only you get the order to your door, but also save time and money. For example, average price you can buy brand Levitra for is around $11 per pill on the market. In your local drugstore it will go $11-$14. By ordering generic Levitra online, it cost me $4-$7. This is saving you $7-$10 on a pill!

Just be careful on selecting one. Remember, there should be licenses stated on their web (you can check its liability with State authorities). I remind you in the US it is prescription only… but in EU there are some countries where it is not needed (another tip just in case).

So check their data, register, upload your prescription and never worry about paying higher price and spending time in lines. For me it was the only option to get cheap brand Levitra.

Hopefully I didn't tire you much and helped you in any possible way. All in terms of goodwill and nothing more. Follow healthy lifestyle, always stay aligned with your Doc, purchase from trustworthy online pharmacies, and never let your "vice" fall down but for a rest!